How do budget cuts to education affect you? 

To start things off, I need to tell you where this post has stemmed from. Currently, our Saskatchewan government was re-elected and is a majority of Sask Party officials. The Sask Party aligns with the Conservative Party and its right wing thinking. Since seeing this party being elected time and time again over the past … [Read more…]

Reflective Practice and Play as Complex Learning…

As I walked into the University of Saskatchewan this morning, and entered into Marquis Hall where the Reflective Practice and Play as Complex Learning Institute is being held, I was reminded of where my learning began in my journey in the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. I was greeted by familiar faces of educators and facilitators … [Read more…]

5 reggio-inspired women of instagram…

@smitten_for_reggio Picked up some beautiful books at #indigo so excited to share them with the kids this week! #mowillems #literacy #criticalthinking A photo posted by Melanie Lynchuk (@smitten_for_reggio) on Mar 6, 2016 at 12:49pm PST Well, obviously I was going to put myself first!! If you haven’t found Smitten on Instagram yet, it’s an absolute … [Read more…]

should I put my 4 year old in kindergarten?

  As we start the countdown to the end of the school year, I’ve been asked by many parents of children who are currently in pre-Kindergarten or preschool, if they should enrol their four-year-old in Kindergarten for the fall. Well here’s my some food for thought on this topic… An extra year will never hurt … [Read more…]