1. Mandy

    Alerces is a Reggio Emilia school in Saskatoon. However, it is Pre-k & K (?) only, Spanish, and not part of the public system. It is Reggio though 🙂
    You’d love talking with Maru!

  2. Nora

    I just wanted to clarify, that there is no such thing as a “Reggio Emilla School” outside of the province in Italy. Schools can only be inspired by the philosophies and ideas about children, many of which I would argue are present in many inquiry based, child centered preschools. Schools for older children are only a recent addition in Reggio and there isn’t much information available to them.

    • mbe543@mail.usask.ca

      I think many of us who practice Reggio-Inspired teaching, have this understanding. That’s part of the reason my blog is named as such. I definitely don’t want to insult any of the educators within Reggio Emilia, Italy who practice this within their schools.

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