The kindness wreath…

There has been some disturbing things happening in the news in my lovely little city that has had me thinking about teaching empathy and kindness. I think, as teachers, we have an opportunity to teach empathy to our students, something that can be lacking in our society at times. 

  Last year, I decided to implement the “kindness” wreath in my Kindergarten classroom. We started with a discussion about what kindness looks like and shared our thoughts in a class book. 

   Every time there was an act of kindness, whether it be the tying of a shoe, zipping of coat, or standing up for a friend on the playground, each act was celebrated by tying a ribbon onto the wreath. I found the children seeking out opportunities to be kind to others throughout the day. It was inspiring and brought us closer together within our classroom walls. 

Take time for the little things. Sometimes it can make the biggest difference. 

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