5 reggio-inspired women of instagram…

  1. @smitten_for_reggio

Picked up some beautiful books at #indigo so excited to share them with the kids this week! #mowillems #literacy #criticalthinking

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Well, obviously I was going to put myself first!! If you haven’t found Smitten on Instagram yet, it’s an absolute must! I post resources and tools that I am using in my Reggio-Inspired classroom here in Saskatoon as well as the little outings and discovery based learning that I take part in with my own children on my days off from teaching Kindergarten. Not to mention, I have many followers that are incredibly inspirational educators and mothers that are not on this list. 2. @naturallycuriouschildren

This is a great account to follow that offers fantastic photos of loose part play and children exploring in the great outdoors. Nicole posts beautiful pictures daily and if you are in need of some inspiration you can look further by checking out her blogĀ Naturally Curious Children. One of the really great things about Nicole’s blog, is that she is a Reggio-Inspired Mama, which means that not only does she post about her everyday adventures with her sweet little ones, but she also writes about topics pertaining to families. Her latest post discussed how to prepare your sensitive child for a new baby.

3. @reggio_inspiration

I LOVE this Instagram account! It is one of my favs. What I really love about Nicole’s Instagram (yes, another Nicole!) is that it follows her daily Reggio-Inspired learning activities that take place in her classroom. She sets up some really beautiful invitations and takes nice pics of her classroom set-up. This is a great account to follow if you are starting your Reggio journey and need some inspiration! 4. @tinkertots.my

Little Z takes a break from driving his cars to do some road drawing. #reggiotoddlers #toddlerart #playfullearning

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Tinker Tots is a really cool account. Jess Lam, the creator of this account, captures unique photos from herĀ Reggio-Inspired creative arts programme from Malaysia. If you have time to check out her site, Forest of Stars, you can read more about the art programme that is happening there and the great work that Jess is doing with these sweet kids! Love it, Jess!

5. @ipskindergarten

This is a fantastic Instagram to follow if you like to see lots of videos of learning. I find that it’s such a beautiful way to capture the thinking of the children. Based out of Island Public School in Toronto, the educators are working to truly incorporate the Reggio Emilia approach in an everyday classroom. This is an account that I can really connect to as they too follow a provincialĀ curriculum and need to take into account the objectives outlined within it while planning with Reggio in mind. You can follow them on twitter @ipskindergarten.

There are so many other fantastic mothers and educators on Instagram that a proving that incorporating Reggio Emilia into the classrooms within the home or school environment can be a reachable goal. If you are just starting your journey, starting with Instagram is a great way to showcase your own successes within your classroom and share in the experiences that other educators are having in theirs!


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