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Oh man, do I love love love Pinterest! It is quite possibly the greatest invention, especially for a teacher! I don’t know about you, but Pinterest is so incredibly inspiring and such a great way to share ideas between educators. (Plus, I really love anything to do with boho decor and kind of like to dream about a new kitchen too, so it’s pretty handy that way too!) Since I joined pinterest, I have been able to really cut my planning time in half. There are so many great teachers that are doing wonderful things in their classrooms around the world and Pinterest offers me the opportunity to get a snippet into what other teachers are doing. This only just gives me ideas on what I could do with my little guys too!

So…here are some of my all time favourite pins that I have either used, or have “Pinspired” me in my classroom!

I am constantly asking these two questions to my Kindergarten students as we are working through a project. “What do you know?” and “What do you want to know?” Although this is something that I already do, what I really love is the photos of the children alongside their contribution. Genius! I always find as I’m skimming through Pinterest, waiting for Jude to fall asleep (It takes him FOREVER!!), that I have thoughts running through my head like, “Of course!” and “Why didn’t I think of that?” And that is the pure genius of Pinterest. Of course we should include the kids’ sweet little faces next to their thoughts! So smart.

Loved this Pin as soon as I saw it! And it went perfectly with our measurement unit in Math that we were currently focused on. I adapted it to fit with the Prairies, using Moose, wolves, foxes, a white-tailed deer, etc. for the children to measure themselves up to. We got together with our care partners during Education Week and used string to measure each student. These were attached to a self-portrait photo and added to the wall in the hallway. The kids loved it, and so did the students from the other classrooms. As they lined up to catch the bus, I would see them standing next to the moose photo, to see how small they were compared. Love, love, love. Definitely a staple during measurement!

Yes, this is my own Pin. I’m not sure if that’s really allowed, but I do seriously love this new year plan of mine! I can’t get enough, and neither can any of you apparently!! So, Pin away and enjoy planning your Reggio-inspired year!

As you know, if you’ve been following on the blog, I love involving families in the classroom. I just think it’s so important for these little guys to know that their support system is valued and for the parents, that I appreciate the love that they have for these kids. One of my favourite things to ask parents when I’m doing home visits, is what are their hopes and dreams for their child. What a better way to keep those words visible in such a beautiful way? I could see this being done during the Kindergarten Open House and having families add a ribbon during their visit. Beautiful!

If you haven’t read this book, The Best Part of Me, you are seriously missing out! It has become one of my beginning of the year language arts activities. Each year I read the children this book, and then take photos of their best part of themselves. It’s a great way to lead into learning about ourselves, creating portraits, and class books.

The nature journal…I really love when the kids bring in all their little treasures that they find outside during recess, but then I always end up with a pile of crushed leaves and little drawings on my desk, with no where to put them that values the thought that goes into the gathering. So, I started the nature journal. Each time the kids bring in something, or create a little picture for me, the kids can add it to the nature journal.

In my last post, I discussed our legacy project and how we used branches to create a chandelier. There is something about hanging branches in the classroom that I just love. We paint branches, we bead branches, and use them during our explorations into colour to create little colour trees!

I have always struggled at finding a calendar that isn’t really bright and “plasticky” looking. This is the Pin that inspired me to create a class-made calendar, and it totally changed my morning routine! The kids love contributing to the creation of a calendar and I think it’s a great way to teach the days of the week and months of the year. You can check out how my students made the class calendar here.

Having the kids label their own photos is such a great way to encourage writing through documentation. I like to take photos of the kids during the day, and many times at the end of the day, if we have a little bit of time, I can quickly print out the photos, and have the children do some writing. We can put these up outside the classroom door and parents can see what we did that day. Then, I can add these photos and writing to their portfolios for a little timeline of the year.

This Pin seriously changed my life! I know that’s a bold statement, but if you remember from a previous post, I shared some information about PWIM (Picture Word Induction Model). PWIM is a literacy project promoted through the school board for early literacy. It’s not very Reggio-inpsired, but I have adapted it by using it alongside invitations and then during centres. During centres, I put out the PWIM poster that we are currently working on, as well as some individual photos that I found on google images. These individual photos are pulled from the PWIM poster and allow the children to work on some spelling and sight words. It works quite well and makes me feel much better about the purposeful work the children are doing.

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