1. Tam Mifsud

    Melanie, I love this invitation to re-think practices and parent engagement that you have brought forth. The concept of teachers as being guests to the community could completely reverse the way a school ‘culture’ operates and I believe this shift needs to happen. In our community, before and after school programs are very integral to family lives. Our programs operate within classrooms in the schools. Very often the programs are not welcome to share space or share materials. It has always baffled me as it is the same children that have been in those classrooms all day. The school should be viewed as the children’s space. It’s a concept that we continually struggle with. To bring in your discussion and your wondering of the teacher as a guest to the community, I feel is the shift we all need to make. Thank you for nudging me to think further around this ‘theory’ or practice.

    • mbe543@mail.usask.ca

      Thanks Tam!! What a fantastic compliment. It is definitely a concept I wish more teachers would embrace families within the school instead of wanting them to leave their child at the door. I’m hoping that a shift will happen to utilize the great resource that we have…parents! Thanks again!

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