27 days…

Well, the countdown is officially on! I am returning to work in about 4 weeks time after my maternity leave with Lulu. I am so very fortunate to be able to work part-time and still have precious time with my babies at home. Although I will be returning to my “old” classroom and a school that I am familiar with, it will look a bit different. I will be job-sharing the classroom with another teacher who will be teaching the alternating Kindergarten class. I am so happy that she is also Reggio-inspired in her teaching and I think we are going to have so much fun planning some things together (we already have!!).

We have met a couple times to make some decisions about classroom environment, what we will each bring in to add to the space, what things we may want to share as resources, and that kind of thing. This new adventure of classroom sharing will be one that I have not yet experienced. I wonder what kind of bumps, hiccups, and/or enjoyable moments we will have as we work out how to share a classroom?

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.00.47 PM

Here’s a little snippet of what I’ve been planning so far…

What I am so excited about, is that I will be able to share all of this on the blog! The transformation of the room, documentation, and projects! As I count down the days until school returns in January, I wonder if any of you have some words of advice or wisdom in sharing a classroom space? I would love to hear what you and your teaching partner have discovered while teaching together, what worked and what didn’t. Please share your thoughts with us! I am looking forward to reading all about it!!

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