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So I think I mentioned in my first post that I am on maternity leave with my daughter Lulu. This leave is very different from my mat leave with my son Jude.


Lulu 8 months, Jude 2 1/2

When I was off with Jude I took in Mommy and Baby yoga through a fantastic and inspiring yogi mommy, as well as had tons of glorious Reggio-inspired play activities set up for Jude daily. Now I feel like it’s a good day if we get outside to play or meet another little family for a park date and a coffee! I need to find a way to inspire myself and my children to be engaged in some sort of invitation for learning during the week.
I’ve been finding some great ideas on Pinterest lately and although I’m so excited and inspired when I see these fearsome mommies creating the most beautiful and engaging play for their children, I have yet to really dive in this time around. The clock is ticking…but I’ll get there. Just doing this simple act of writing has inspired me to jump in for tomorrow! I’ll show you what I came up with!

IMG_7530 IMG_7513

Back to when I was off with Jude…

I think one of the greatest push for me to continue to “teach” while on mat leave, was that I was in the final year of my Masters degree. (I know, it was insane!) I had a colicky baby that cried during his waking hours and I was trying to finish assignments and research projects. There were moments when I got a glimpse into the utter chaos that was my life. Part of me is so glad that I finished my Masters when I did, but it was not an easy road.

The focus of my Masters degree was the integration of Reggio-inspired learning in my classroom. Although I wasn’t teaching at the time, it was incredibly inspiring and I was able to apply the home curriculum I was creating with Jude to my assignments and vice versa. I actually talk more about the transition of becoming a mother as a teacher in a chapter of a book I contributed to. I will post the link and talk more about that when the book is through at the publishers.

I realized during this time, that it’s the small moments that count with your child. Our time with them is so fleeting and sometimes those happy moments are far and in between (moms of unsettled babies can understand this). The curriculum you build at home with your children is as important as the curriculum they will build at school. Simple tasks and outings such as baking or going to a spray park offer learning opportunities for your children in all aspects of the development. Taking the time to investigate that little ladybug or sit and study the neighbours laying a new driveway are all important. These amazing little beings we are blessed with carrying, growing, and birthing, are only small for a short period of time.


Painting with cars.

Suddenly, I don’t feel the same as I did at the beginning of this post. We are all doing what we can as moms, so that when we send them off to the world, they are ready to embrace what comes their way.


Breathe and be present.

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