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I know this is a little bit of a different post for me, but it’s so important, I just had to share. I’m sure each of you, as I have, have read article upon article on FaceBook, Flip Board, or heard in the news, about car seat safety. I feel like I have read a million posts but until the most recent one that I read, I have not made any drastic changes.

I read that having any bulk around a child or infant, can cause inches of material between the child or baby and the straps. One of the biggest problems that are seen when a child gets into an accident, is the fact that when there is bulk at the back of the baby and/or at the chest, that the straps don’t hold the baby in well enough to prevent them from lurching forward and hitting their heads on the seat in front of them. This can cause head injuries, because there is no padding on the seat in front of the child, where they can hit their head. How scary is that?!?

I decided to see how much actual bulk was in between my little babes and the straps in their car seat. I started the car before taking the kids out and put their jackets on in between the house and the car. I didn’t adjust the straps at all before taking the photos, and I have to be honest, it was a little upsetting!

There was so much space in between both of the kids and the straps of there seat. I’m so grateful that we were never in an accident to find out what would have happened had they been wearing their winter jackets in the car.

Saskatchewan can get mighty cold, and I mean FREEZING! (Like -50, and not that’s not a joke!) Most products are designed in the United States where it usually doesn’t drop even close to the frigid temperatures that we experience here, so I wanted to make sure that while Jude and Lulu were in the car, they would be warm and cozy! So, I decided to do some research on my own and find some top notch products that offer some warmth in the Saskatchewan winter.

Here’s what I found…



The 7 A.M. Enfant covers seem like they are the go-to for those of us who are needing a really warm option. The Easy Cover Bunting has the option of having arms free to play or eat snacks (like Jude and Lulu!) and come in super cute colours. They have an open back eliminating the bulkiness and maximizes strap efficiency. There is a warmer version and a fleece version with a little kangaroo pocket in the front, for them to tuck their sweet little hands into when they get chilly. Not to mention, these go up to size 6, so my enormously tall toddler will be able to fit into this, with his feet tucked in (or not) for a couple more years! Yay!! The one I got for Lulu is so darn adorable! Lulu has a pink carseat, so of course, I needed to match the blanket to her seat, and thank goodness that 7 A.M. enfant has one that matches!! The BeePOD also comes in a variety of colours and has a cut-out feature in the back that eliminates the bulkiness behind baby. Also, some of these colours are on sale right now on their website, so snatch one up before that sale is gone! Unfortunately, 7 A.M Enfant does not deliver to Canada, so I ended up buying mine from Amazon.


Now, how freaking cute is this? I know! Adorable. And it perfectly matches her Maxi Cosi car seat in Pink Berry. (This is also, the greatest car seat! I went through three different ones with Jude and finally settled on one that I’m not totally thrilled with, but when Lulu came, I decided to get one that I would really love. This is it. It has a cup holder that holds her sippy cup and snacks, and the straps are soft against her little neck.)


Please make sure you take the time to research car seat safety and stop glazing over those articles that are plastered all over FaceBook (because I did)!

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